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Plex is getting self-serve bias, as a new beta update removes the default proxy server

Plex is getting self-serve bias, as a new beta update removes the default proxy server

Plex is the world’s leading video streaming service, and the latest beta of the software was announced yesterday.

The software, which was announced by Plex’s parent company, Amazon, in a blog post, is designed to “ensure the best experience for our users.”

“We have a dedicated team that’s dedicated to improving the quality of our product,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“This latest update removes Plex from the default server.”

The announcement comes after a recent series of events that could have led to the service’s removal.

For example, a leaked internal internal document said that Plex had been intentionally designed with “low latency” and “high throughput” in mind, which could lead to “high performance” or “high latency.”

The company has said it’s aware of the issue and that the software is currently undergoing testing.

“Our developers are working to fix the issues,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson also said the company “strongly encourages” users to change the default Proxy Server setting in order to access Plex content.

However, if you still want to use the default, you need to set up the proxy in a new tab, or you can access it from a web browser.

As a result, users will need to either download and install Plex’s custom proxy server from a third-party, or make sure they’re using a VPN to access it.

This update was previously released to existing users, but is now being rolled out to all Plex users, as well as those who have already signed up for the service.

The change will only affect existing Plex users.

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