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New data suggests Microsoft’s hive server was hacked by Chinese hackers

New data suggests Microsoft’s hive server was hacked by Chinese hackers

New data from Microsoft suggests the hive server of a company owned by Microsoft’s chief executive was hacked and infected by hackers.

The data, obtained by researchers from a security firm, shows that in the week of March 13, 2014, the hive was infected with malicious code, the company said.

The malware infected the hive, allowing the hackers to steal user information, including personal details such as email addresses and login credentials, the firm said in a statement.

The company has yet to say how it determined the identity of the hackers.

Microsoft has said it has not seen evidence that the company was hacked or compromised.

But the data shows that Microsoft’s data center in the San Francisco Bay Area was a hive server for several years, which could potentially give hackers access to customer data.

Microsoft said in the statement that the data was not connected to the main hive network, which runs a data center on the campus of a nearby university.

The hive network is run by a company called Skyworks, which is owned by the company that owns Microsoft.

Microsoft’s statement said the data does not show whether Skyworks has ever had the hive compromised.

Microsoft did not say when it first learned of the attack.

The researchers said in their statement that Microsoft had not responded to their request for comment.

Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

The firm has more than 100 million users worldwide and sells computers and software for companies and government agencies.

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