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Trump calls out ‘bad’ ratings of his Fox News show – Fox News Channel

Trump calls out ‘bad’ ratings of his Fox News show – Fox News Channel

President Donald Trump on Wednesday called out his former network for its “bad ratings” and “negative coverage” of him, and his own show on CNN.

During a news conference in the Rose Garden, Trump said the network “has a very bad reputation,” adding that it had a “very negative reputation.”

Trump’s comments came after CNN said on Thursday that viewership of its “New Day” rose from its lowest point since the election to its highest since December.

The network has had a rough year.

The show was canceled in January amid a dispute over whether it violated CNN’s rules regarding political coverage.

In addition to the feud with CNN, Trump has also faced questions about his use of Twitter.

Trump has used the social media platform to attack journalists, critics and others, and has called journalists “enemies of the people.”CNN has repeatedly accused the president of spreading fake news, calling it a “bizarre, dangerous and dangerous situation.”

Trump on Wednesday also slammed his former White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, for tweeting about his own health problems, which he has called a “scam.”

Trump fired Scaramuci on Tuesday after Scaramuzzi posted a series of tweets about Scaramuccino’s health and the White House’s decision to remove him from the position.

Trump and Scaramudgei are at odds over how to handle Scaramuchi, who is not allowed to work on the president’s personal business and has a history of alleged conflicts of interest.

Scaramucino has since apologized for the tweets.

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