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The best way to use the latest SQL Server and Azure SQL Database tools

The best way to use the latest SQL Server and Azure SQL Database tools

article SQL Server 2016 Update 2 (DS2) is now available for download from the Microsoft Download Center, the latest version of SQL Server.

This update fixes a number of security issues, including a serious SQL injection vulnerability that allowed attackers to bypass the SQL injection protection mechanism.

Additionally, the SQL Server update introduces a number new features to the database platform, including new capabilities to store data and make queries, a new Query Manager and a new SQL Server Database Engine (SDE).

The SQL Server Update 2 release also includes improvements to the performance of SQL queries and data management in the SDE.

For more information about SQL Server, see SQL Server 2015, SQL Server 2012, SQL Service Pack 2, and SQL Server 2008.


SQL Server 2017 (SP1) and SQL Database Express (SP2) SQL Server is a distributed, open source database management platform, and a part of the Microsoft Azure platform.

It supports both the SQL database and the Azure SQL database.

SQL is a relational database, and it uses the SQL dialect that runs on the C++ and Java platforms.

The SQL dialect is the default language for SQL Server applications.

SQL provides high performance and scalability, as well as a robust data store and query engine.

SQL databases are also used for applications that use distributed computing, database security, and business intelligence.

In addition, SQL is used for other Microsoft technologies, such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse and SQL Azure.


SQL Express (SQL Express) SQL Express is an application-level tool for deploying, testing, and deploying SQL Server Databases in the Azure platform, along with tools for monitoring, monitoring performance, and performance tuning.

SQLExpress is a SQL Server component that supports SQL Server on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Oracle VirtualBox.

SQL express also runs on Oracle Solaris, Linux Solaris and Solaris-based Oracle Virtual Machines.

For SQL Express to work, the operating system must have an available SQL Server Virtual Machine (VMM) on it.

SQL can also run on Microsoft SQL Server with Oracle SolarIS, Linux and Windows platforms.

For more information, see the SQL Express overview and the SQL server documentation.


SQL-Express (sql-express) SQL-express is an enterprise SQL server service that provides a complete solution for running SQL Server databases on a variety of workloads.

SQLServer-Express enables customers to build, test, deploy, and manage their applications using SQL Server’s core capabilities and performance features.

The tool includes a complete SQL Server deployment pipeline and configuration management interface that simplifies the deployment and troubleshooting of database systems and applications.

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