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What’s next for the UK’s most-used public email servers

What’s next for the UK’s most-used public email servers

The latest version of the public email service, which powers the UK, is running on Windows Server 2016. 

The service, run by Microsoft, will be rolled out to all customers in October, as Microsoft looks to improve the quality of the email it provides to customers. 

Microsoft has not released the dates for the roll out, but has promised to announce the date on its blog in October. 

It also announced that Microsoft will not be releasing any new versions of Windows Server to end users. 

Windows Server 2016 will have a few new features in the near future, including a new email client for the desktop. 

One of those features is a new user interface that will be available when Microsoft releases the first version of Windows 10 to users in 2020. 

“With Windows 10, Microsoft has set a new benchmark for how we deliver quality, reliable and secure email for our customers.

We are thrilled to deliver Windows 10 for all customers, and look forward to sharing more details on our plans for Windows 10 in the coming months,” said Tom Holowaychuk, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group.”

The new user experience in Windows 10 will be even better for your users, and we’re excited to see how it works out for you.”

Microsoft has already announced a number of improvements for Windows users that include the removal of Microsoft Outlook as an app, an improved taskbar, a cleaner desktop and the new ability to launch apps on a touch-enabled Surface Hub.

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