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How to keep your metal serving platters clean

How to keep your metal serving platters clean

Metal serving trays are essential to keeping your food safe and tasting great.

Here’s how to keep them clean.

Metal serving tray maintenance Tips to keep serving tray clean metal serving trayer tips metal serving plates are great for keeping food safe, but not for keeping it tasting great, according to metal serving service technicians.

That’s why metal serving technicians in Saskatoon are looking for tips on how to maintain your metal plates.

1:32 The tips come from a recent survey of more than 300 metal service technicians who work at over 1,000 restaurants across the city.

According to the survey, one of the most common concerns of the survey respondents was the corrosion of the metal plates and serving trayed.

“The most common complaints were corrosion of metal plates, and the serving traying is a major cause of corrosion,” said Dave Anderson, president and CEO of the Metal Service Centre.

“You can see in our survey the number of service technicians that reported that they were experiencing corrosion of their metal serving equipment was the number one concern.”

There are a number of things you can do to keep metal serving serving trayers clean, according the survey.

Clean the serving plates Before you clean the metal serving plate, you can take care of a few things to keep it clean.

“There are a few different ways you can clean the plate, depending on the condition of the plate,” Anderson said.

“If the plate is in good condition, then it’s a good idea to just rub the surface with your fingers, and there are lots of places where you can apply a little water to that surface.”

You can also just rinse the plate with hot water.

This helps to remove the food from the surface and also helps to keep the plate looking clean.

It’s important to wash plates before you serve food, so the food is removed before it is served.

Anderson said it’s also important to rinse the metal trays before you dish them out.

“It’s important that you get rid of all of the food that’s left in the plate that’s sitting on the trays,” he said.

The service technicians in the survey also took the time to test out different types of dishwashing detergents to see which detergent worked best for their plate.

If you do use detergency, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to thoroughly rinse the dishwashing equipment before you wash the plates.

This also means washing the tray with a non-permeable dishwashing solution such as dishwashing liquid.

“Don’t use dishwashing liquids, it can irritate the surface of the dishwasher and the food,” Anderson explained.

“Instead, try using a dishwasher that has a ‘flush’ feature that allows water to drain from the tray before it gets to the dish.”

Clean the tray Once the metal service trays have been cleaned, you’ll need to wash them again.

Anderson recommends using a clean cloth to wipe the plate clean, but this will only get the plate and trays clean.

You can do this by rubbing the plate lightly against a clean surface, then moving the cloth in a circular motion, to wipe it clean on all sides.

This is also a good way to clean up any food residue left on the plate.

After you have cleaned the traying, you need to take the plates and tray out of the serving dish.

Anderson explained that you can also use a metal scrubber or other dishwasher to scrub the trayers.

The scrubber can help to remove any food particles left on them.

“Do not use a food-based scrubber because the food particles can be irritating to the surface,” Anderson warned.

“A metal scrubbers can also cause food-borne illnesses.

There are lots to consider when cleaning your plates before serving them.”

You may also want to wash your plates after serving food.

“Depending on how many times you have to clean the trayer after serving, it’s probably time to re-use it,” Anderson noted.

“We recommend that you use the same trayer that was used for serving the first time to make sure that the plates don’t get dirty again.”

If you need help with dishwashing, you may also be interested in our tips on washing dishes in a microwave.

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