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When it comes to Minecraft, the admins don’t like it anymore, says one Reddit user

The official Minecraft forums are no longer a place where users can discuss, critique, or even suggest changes to Minecraft.

For those who have used the official Minecraft servers for years, the announcement is a welcome change.

The official Minecraft forum, which has long been the place where Minecraft players discuss the game and its servers, is now the “official” forum.

This isn’t the first time Minecraft has been overtaken by the new official forums, but it is a major change.

Previously, players could post their feedback and suggestions in the official forums on the official subreddit.

“There are plenty of new users, but we have seen a lot of old players who have been loyal to the original Minecraft forums,” the Minecraft community manager, Ryan Coughlin, told Mashable in an email.

Coughlin told Mashup that the Minecraft forums were a great place to get feedback and ideas on the game, but they also offered the possibility of getting banned.

He added that a “high level of moderation” was required for a new server to function.

While the Minecraft servers were officially shut down earlier this year, the official servers are still around and still serve as a place for Minecraft players to interact and communicate.

Websites like Reddit and Discord have become hubs for Minecraft fans to communicate and share ideas and feedback.

Reddit, for example, is home to several Minecraft forums, including Mojang’s Minecraft Community.

Mojang’s official Minecraft Community, which was the home to Mojang servers, has been the unofficial Minecraft subreddit since June.

In November, Mojang shut down Mojang Forums, its official Minecraft server, and Reddit went offline, too.

Reddit’s official Mojang forums are still accessible to Mojogins new official servers.

Mojang will continue to host the Minecraft official forums and Mojang community servers, but users are now able to visit their official Minecraft communities on their official servers and not the unofficial Mojang ones.

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