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Which of these food items is better?

Which of these food items is better?

Restaurant critic David W. Miller has a few recommendations for which of the various dishes at the buffet server’s table at the Grand Central Terminal are the better options, starting with this one.

I’m not going to go through every possible combination, but my overall recommendation would be this:  Taco Bell’s Black Label Chili Beef Tacos. 

There are many variations of this particular dish, but the basic recipe is a chili-tacos stew with a blackened beef patty and diced beef, plus shredded lettuce and tomato. 

The beef is usually diced and then served with shredded green onions, black beans, and some green onions. 

I’m not sure if this is the most common combination, and I’d be happy to have some feedback.

The best part of this dish is that you get the most of the beef, not just a bit of it, and that’s something you can easily replicate if you don’t have a large enough area to make it.

This is probably the best combination of meats and potatoes that I’ve had at the restaurant, so the rest of the food is great, too.

Taco Bar Tacos from Taco Bell’s Grand Central Terminals.

This was a bit more difficult than the others, as it’s a more complex dish than the ones at other locations.

There’s a lot of beef, and the blackened steak is chopped in half.

There is a lot more sauce than the other options, but it’s mostly just sauce with some tomatoes and black beans.

It’s the perfect size to hold the beef and add to a chili stew, but you probably want to leave the rest out to keep the meat more manageable.

The sauce and shredded beef are probably my favorite part of the meal.

 The rest of my recommendations were based on my personal taste.

I can’t recommend this dish enough.

If you have the time, make it ahead of time and order a portion. 

If you have a group, you can skip the tacos altogether, but if you just want to enjoy the food, you’ll want to make a big batch and serve it in a bun.

This will save you a ton of preparation time and a lot less food waste. 

This is an example of a taco that uses one of the restaurant’s smaller trays.

This taco is the one with the blacked beef patmies and the shredded lettuce. 

 I really liked the black-ened beef.

I don’t know how many other restaurants have that, but this is one of those things that’s worth trying.

Chicken Tenderloin Taco from Taco King’s Grand, Grand, and New York locations. 

You’ll find this recipe at most Taco King locations.

It includes the chicken tenderloin, a grilled chicken thigh, and shredded lettuce, with a side of tomato sauce.

The sauce is made with tomatoes, tomatoes and lime juice.

This dish is super flavorful, with plenty of meat, but a lot left over.

It can also be served with any number of toppings, like a tortilla, a fried egg, or a burger. 

In general, I would stick with the standard Mexican-style chicken, because I like the way that chicken is cooked.

This recipe is also great for eating as a side dish. 

Chicken Tikka Masala from T.J.

Maxx’s Grand National locations.

This one is more complex than the previous one.

The meat is chopped up, and then shredded and served with tomato sauce, black-eyed beef, diced red onion, and lime wedges.

It also uses a larger pan, and you’ll likely want to cut the portion size a bit to fit the pan. 

Tikka Masalas can be served in a variety of ways, and this one is a good option for serving with a big lunch.

It makes a nice side dish, or it can be mixed with a salad or other meaty side dish and then cooked in a large skillet. 

Chorizo Tacos at T. J. Maxx’s locations.

I’m sure most people who eat Mexican food can tell you that I am a fan of chorizo tacos.

But I also enjoy this recipe.

The beef is chopped, the chorizos are served with blackened chicken thigh and shredded red onion. 

It’s an easy way to add meat to a Mexican-inspired meal, and it’s just as tasty on its own. 

A spicy salsa or chili paste can be added to the salsa, too, and as with the other tacos, the sauce is usually a mix of tomato and lime, but I prefer the lime taste because it adds some flavor to the chive. 

Mexican-style steak tacos from Taco Land’s Grand and New Yorks. 

Again, I don´t like the chunky beef, but these are a great option for a more traditional Mexican dish.

This choriza is grilled chicken and served in an American-style

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