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How to create an everquest server with a Windows 10 install

How to create an everquest server with a Windows 10 install

The following article is based on a talk given at the 2017 LinuxCon 2017.

If you are new to the Linux community, the LinuxCon presentation was a must-watch.

For those interested in getting up to speed, the talks in the list below are in chronological order:  How to Create an Everquest Server with a Ubuntu Linux Installation  What is an EverQuest Server? 

The Everquest Server  is a Linux distribution that lets you play a single game at once, but you can easily run several on the same server.

You can play  Everquest on your desktop, and it runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.

 You can use EverQuest Server to run games in the cloud, and you can play games in any operating system, including Linux.

It’s an excellent Linux distribution because it runs a number of different versions of Linux: Ubuntu (the default version), Debian, Arch, Ubuntu Kylin, Debian Jessie, and Ubuntu Precise.

It’s also an excellent Windows distribution because you can run games on both Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019.

You can get the Everquest Client (the main client), and you also get the Everquestserver applet that you can use to connect to the server and run games.

This article is going to show you how to get your Windows 10 or Windows Server 19 install on the EverQuest server.

I recommend downloading and installing the Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 and then running the server in a VirtualBox virtual machine, as shown below.

Note that the virtual machine should have sufficient CPU power and disk space to run the server.

The server will run in VirtualBox and you should be able to play games without issues.

Windows 10 and Server 2019 versions of EverQuestserver  You can find instructions for downloading and running the Windows 10, Windows Server 20, and Windows 10 Server 2019 client versions on the Windows Server 2017 wiki.

Download and Install Ever Questserver Windows 10  Download EverQUestserver for Windows 10 (free) Download the Linux client version of  EverQuestser (free).

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the client, install it with the command:  $ sudo apt-get install EverQ The client can be used to play EverQuest in a variety of operating systems, including Windows 10.

You’ll find that the  EverQuest Client applet lets you connect to servers and games from a variety to your local computer, and the everquestserver.py script lets you add your server to your favorites lists.

To add a server to the favorites list, click the favorite button and then click the server icon in the top left corner.

The Everquest server will appear in the menu bar, as well as the favorites menu.

If the server is on the list of favorites, you can click the checkbox next to it to add it to the Favorites.

You will need to click the add server button to add the server to a favorites list.

The next time you open the server browser, the EverQuerieserver.py applet will open.

You may have to type in your server name and IP address in order to open the applet.

You are ready to go! 

Download everquestser-client-win10-free-win20-win19.zip  You may have noticed that I didn’t have the Windows client to start the server, so here’s how to do that.

Open everqserver.exe .

Type the command win10.exe and hit enter.

The command everqserver.exe   will open the Server Browser and the Everquestservice.py window will open up.

Click on the server you want to add and then enter the IP address and port you specified in the EverQUestservices.py file.

Now click on the Add Server button.

The client will automatically be added to your  favorites list and the server will automatically start.

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